Travel Insurance Your questions answered

Q   What cover is available under my policy in relation to Coronavirus or FCDO change in advice? 

A   For full details about our travel insurance policies and Coronavirus/Covid19 please see our dedicated page:

Information about Coronavirus/Covid19 >>

Q   Do you have any age limits?

A   Yes; we can provide a quote to travellers up to 54 years of age.

Q   are there any medical conditions you can’t cover?

A   we can cover most diagnosed conditions, we cannot cover you if you are awaiting investigation to determine what condition you have – it must have been diagnosed for us to insure you.

Q   can you quote for travellers with a terminal prognosis?

A   Yes, as long as the prognosis is for at least six months following the date of return to the UK.

Q   I didn’t receive my documentation from you!

A   this sometimes happens as our email to you may be sent to a ‘junk’ folder within your email providers settings. All our documentation is sent by email very quickly after you buy from us. Please check your junk files before contacting us, and ensure you enter your email address correctly!

Q   why does my policy cost more than my holiday!?

A   We’re not insuring the holiday (other than for cancellation), we’re insuring YOU, and the medical bills you may incur while you are away.

Q  Is private medical treatment covered abroad?

A  You should be aware that travel Insurance is not private medical insurance, in that it only covers unavoidable, unexpected emergency treatment. You are not covered for private medical treatment if there are medically capable public facilities available.

If you become unwell, or sustain a minor injury whilst abroad, you must call our 24/7 assistance team so that they can help you find appropriate treatment locally.

However, you should call the local emergency services immediately, 112 in Europe, 911 in the USA and Canada or the local equivalent to 999, if you have any symptoms that might require emergency treatment including, but not limited to, difficulty breathing, chest pain, seizure (fit) activity, decreased level of consciousness, heavy bleeding, sudden swelling of the face and lips, signs of a stroke or any other life-threatening condition. You must, in all cases call our 24/7 assistance team to authorise cover. Failure to do so may invalidate your claim.

Q   Are gadgets such as mobile phones or tablets covered?

A   The insurance does not cover gadgets such as tablets or mobile phones as standard. You will need to purchase the ‘Phones, Tablets & Other Gadgets’ extension to cover you up to £1,000 for damage, loss or theft of gadgets like these (terms and conditions apply see the full extension wording for details).